A true love is blind devotion that nothing takes into account the humiliation itself, the absolute submission, trust and belief against yourself and against the whole world, and delivering one’s heart and one’s soul to the takes


is all about DUALISM…. Pornography and food

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King of my Castle

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Back to Lichtenberg

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From Detroit to Malibú

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Wet dreams

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Kitty Girls

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Schatzi and the Monster is a contemporary Berlin-based fashion label under the creative direction of Guille Chipironet and management of MARTA with the support of creative team Jessica Morgades, Elena san francisco, Carles Bel, Gio Tamiello, Juan Labory, Alberto Shock.
Exploring a philosophy of dualism, Schatzi and the Monster’s unisex creations are marked by a strong influence of contemporary culture, sophistication and humor.

Guille Chipironet

Creative & manager

Jessica Morgades

Creative & Pattern Maker

Natalia Marco



Press & management